What are your favorite parenting books?


I recently got a question from one of my blogging friends, Stephanie over at Metropolitan Mama.

I love what she asked and I’m looking forward to hearing what your answer to her question would be too. Thanks for sending it my way, Stephanie!

She asked:

What are your three favorite parenting books?

My answer to this actually changes over time, depending on what phase my kids are in and what parenting books I’m reading. So, right now–with an 11 and 9 year old–I’d have to say my three favorite parenting books are:

1. The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelley:  I’ve already written a post about this book so I won’t repeat myself except to say, even though this isn’t a parenting book, to me it is. Reading this book inspired me to focus more on helping my kids dream and encouraging them to reach for those dreams.

Just a couple weeks ago, all on his own, my son grabbed his dream journal off his nightstand and wrote… “Be a wrestling state champion.” He recently started wrestling, and it was awesome to see him at 9 years old already dreaming big dreams about it!

2. Grooming the Next Generation for Success by Dani Johnson: I’m reading this book right now and all I can say is… wow. This no-nonsense book on raising your kids to be successful in whatever they do has really impacted me. I’m only halfway through the book and I’m already implementing some of the things it talks about… and seeing results.

3. The Father Connection by Josh McDowell: Even though this book was written for dads, I think it’s a great read for moms too. It’s about making a difference in your child’s self-esteem and sense of purpose, and it’s written in a really down-to-earth way. It also has 60 things a dad can do with his kids, which I think is great. Loved this one!

What about you? What are your favorite parenting books? Leave a comment and share so other moms can find out about some great books!