Something about this tree…


Welcome to Talkin’ About Thursdays!

Today’s topic:

Write a post sharing a nature photograph you’ve taken, tell us where it is and the story behind it (if there is one), then come back and link up! 

Be sure to stop by the other bogs on the list and leave a comment to say hi too.

And don’t worry; you don’t have to be a photographer to join in today. (I’m definitely not. In fact, the photos I’m sharing are ones I took on my phone!)

Here are my photos:

A couple weeks ago when the kids were out of school, I took them on a walk through a nature preserve near our house.

In the middle of the field, near one of the ponds, there was this old, crooked tree:

Here are the top branches:
Maybe it was the weather or the way the tree contrasted with all the green around it, but something about it struck me. 
Even though it’s kind of eerie looking, I thought it was pretty cool. Don’t you?
Can’t wait to see the nature pictures you’re sharing! :)