Remember how I told you another blogger and I recently met for coffee?…

Meet Lisa from StopnSmelltheChocolates!
The story of how we ended up getting together is pretty ironic, if you ask me…
Lisa and I originally “met” through our blogs about a year and a half ago.
At some point, we figured out we both live in Northern California.
We agreed that we should try to meet up for coffee some day, but neither of us knew how close we lived to each other.
Then, after Valentine’s Day, when I posted about the date I had with Mike, Lisa recognized where we were in the photos.
We exchanged emails and realized we live in the same town. And then Lisa wrote…
“Just wait until you hear THIS! Were you in Michael’s this afternoon? I think I saw you crossing the road with your daughter and I went–that’s Genny! Now maybe I was mistaken, but if that wasn’t you–she looked a lot like you!”
It turns out, it was me. And Lisa and I had even been in the same aisle in Michaels getting school supplies with our kids!
It also turns out that we live only a couple of miles from each other, and our birthdays are just days apart. (Happy BDay, Lisa!)
So of course,

we decided to get together for coffee.
And of course, we brought our cameras so we could take pictures and blog about it! :) 
Be sure and stop by Lisa’s blog and say hi. She’s such a sweetheart and her blog is great!
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36 Comments on Have I got a story for you…

  1. That is super fun! I've met a hand full of my blogging friends but none live close to me. How fun that you two live so close!! I wish my buddies were closer ;-)Thanks for sharing this!! Glad you two had fun meeting in person.

  2. Get out of here! That is too crazy! And so fun! I love it! There was a girl I met that lived near me but for some reason she stopped talking to me… I wonder if I did of said something annoying. There is a good chance that I did : ) as I am truly the Queen of Annoying : )

  3. FUN! I love it when the world is small like that. When we moved a few years ago we ended up moving into the same neighborhood as a blogging friend of mine without realizing it!

  4. That is so God!And…YES…it is Always good to take along a camera…just like I did when I met a fellow blogger who's mom lives only minutes from my house! Small, small world!

  5. That is so wonderful that you both got to meet. I hope to meet some of my blogging buddies one day. BTW, I live in Northern California as well. I would love to meet up with you and Lisa one day. I would even drive to meet you! Would be fun!

  6.! God meant for the two of you to meet, to become friends. This is not coincidence. Thanks for sharing the story and photo. I hope your friendship develops into something as amazing as the story behind it.Peace and blessings to your day.

  7. How awesome! I can't wait to meet some bloggers that I have talking to this summer. We are taking a trip and it just happens to be in the same city where they live! Hope I remember my camera.

  8. How fun is that. I had the opportunity to meet someone I met online recently, too. It's so good to make that connection after only writing to them or commenting on their blog. I guarantee that if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, we'll do coffee.

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