Grasshopper… pie?


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Today, we’re talking desserts!

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I’ve told you before, I love to bake and make desserts.

And when I do, I usually try to make healthier versions of things… like the cookies or apple pie I shared a while ago.


(and I warned you about this yesterday…)

the dessert I’m talking about today has NO health value whatsoever.

It’s a dessert my mom used to make sometimes when we were growing up, and I even used to make it for Mike when we were in high school together.

So of course (even though it’s completely bad for you) I still make it every now and then.

The kids think it’s great (and when you see the ingredients, you’ll know why. *cringe*).

Last week, my daughter even asked for it on her birthday instead of a birthday cake. (Maybe that’s because it’s called Grasshopper Pie and she likes the name. Or maybe because it’s light green and mint-flavored.)

One good thing, though, if you don’t like to bake: it’s a freezer pie and it’s super easy to make.

Here’s how you do it:

Grasshopper Pie Ingredients:
1 package Oreos (or Oreo-like cookies. Safeway has an organic version of these cookies and they’re really good. Oh wait… there’s something kind of healthy!)
2 jars marshmallow cream
1 large container Cool Whip
1 lid full of peppermint extract
a couple of drops of green food coloring

Put the package of cookies in a bowl or bag and crush them into small bits.

Put the Cool Whip and marshmallow cream in the mixer and blend, then add the peppermint extract and food coloring.
Line a pie dish with the crumbled cookies.

Then, pour filling in, sprinkle some remaining crumbs on top for decoration, and freeze for at least an hour before serving!

P.S. My daugther did a little dessert making of her own last week too.  She made this cake by herself–the whole thing from start to finish. Gotta love the Peeps on top! :)