Little Too Toot… Squirrel?


Happy weekend, everyone!

It’s been a busy week around here. I worked a few days, finished a couple of writing projects, and the kids had a ton of activities. I happened upon some great links and information that I wanted to share, and I was hoping to write a 7 Quick Takes post, but I didn’t have time (I’ll do it next week).

So… instead of doing that, I thought I’d share something I already wrote.

A long time ago.

Remember when I told you that some of my stories got published in an anthology my school district printed when I was in elementary school?

Well, look what I dug out of the closet…

My first published story, from when I was in first grade:

Pretty compelling, don’t you think? A great title, dramatic plot, stunning illustrations, and you can’t beat that surprise ending.  lol!

Have a great weekend!

Make sure to go do something fun on Valentine’s Day, then post about it and come back here for Talkin’ Thursdays and link up!

My family’s coming to our house to celebrate my dad’s birthday this weekend, so my parents are watching the kids one
night and Mike and I are going on a date. I can’t wait!