Are you dreaming?


A couple of months ago, Mike went on a business trip to Scotland. He knew he’d have a lot of time to read on the plane, so he packed a handful of books.

But when he got home, there was one he couldn’t stop talking about…

The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly.

It completely energized him.

So much so that I had to read it too.

Not only did I love the book, but I felt like I wanted to tell everyone about it. It’s a true story about a company that was turned around simply by helping its employees identify and reach their dreams.

But it’s more than just a story. The book is a great reminder of what a difference having dreams and pursuing them can make in your life and the lives of others.

Especially as moms, I think it can be easy to set our dreams aside and slip into the mode of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own.

Being a parent means sacrifice. We have an awesome responsibility to do the best job we can to love and raise our kids. Sometimes that does mean putting our dreams on hold for a while, and that’s okay.

But it shouldn’t mean giving up on them.

Or forgetting them altogether.

Everyone needs something to shoot for, even if you don’t know right now what that might be.

Maybe your life’s dream is to be a mom. I can relate to that; ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to have kids. I knew I wanted to stay home with them, too. And when our daughter was born, even though it meant giving up a great career and changing our lifestyle a bit, quitting my job and staying home was where my heart was.

But I had other dreams too.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but making the decision to be a stay-at-home mom actually opened the door for me to rediscover what those dreams were.

Maybe you’re at a stage where things are too crazy with babies and toddlers to imagine what else you’d want to do with your life if you had an extra minute.

Enjoy those little ones while they’re little, because it goes fast.

Before you know it, the time will come when you will have a minute. Even more.

But if you’re in a place–whether you’re a parent or not–where you feel like you’ve lost touch with your dreams,

where you’ve forgotten what you’re passionate about,

where you find yourself longing to do something with your life but you’re not sure what…

Why not spend some time thinking about it?

One of the ideas in The Dream Manager that I loved is to start a dream journal and take a look at the different areas of your life–physical, emotional, spiritual, family, career, etc.–and identify how you want to grow.

Think back and remember: what did you love doing when you were a kid? What did you used to dream of becoming?

As parents, I think it’s especially important to have dreams.

Because our dreams aren’t just about us.

When our kids see us dreaming, they learn to dream too.

After we read The Dream Manager, Mike and I got our kids dream journals for Christmas. We wanted to encourage them to have dreams and support them in reaching them as much as we could.

We found the perfect journals, too. Here’s the cover of our son’s:

dream journal

And here’s our daughter’s:
dream journal
A few nights after we gave the journals to the kids, my daughter called me upstairs…
“Hey Mommy?” she asked, “When you come up, can you sit with me? Just bring my dream book and yourself. And that will be good.”
And it was…
dream journal
Sitting there with her and hearing her ten-year-old dreams (shared with her permission) was more than good. :)