Sincere thanks to the following people for the sweet blog awards. Please take a minute to visit their wonderful sites…

Thank you Janel at Dandelion Dayz, Elizabeth at MommyETC, Breanne at Expectantly Waiting, and Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolates for the Brilliante Weblog award:

Thank you Kristen Andrews at La Dolce Vita for the Arte Y Pico award:

Thank you Mozi Esme for the Wylde Women Award, created by Tammy Vitale:

Thank you Monkey’s Momma, Amanda at I Am Mommy, and Andrea at Cup of Jesus:

Thank you Tina at SpaghettiPie:

Thank you Cherie at Weblog of a Wandering Peanut, Christy at Between Here and Home, and Ronel at Mommy Accountability, Mandy at Discursively Happy, and Nicole at Apron Strings aflutter:

Thank you Kim at My Journey:

Thank you Rickrack and Pompoms, Christy at Between Here and Home, Ronel at Mommy Accountability, and Eat Your Veggies!:

Thank you Cali Girl at Lovely, Charming, and Even a Bit Whimsical:

Thank you Tyne at The White House:

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  1. If you got this post in your reader, I apologize! I was trying to back-date a post to create a new page on my layout, and even though I disabled my feed, I think this went out. You can still visit the great sites of these sweet women, though!Genny

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