A Love That Shows


There’s a sweet older couple I used to see walking near our neighborhood.

Sometimes I’d see them in the morning. Sometimes in the afternoon.

They walked slowly and close together. They looked happy and in love.

Every time I’d see them, I couldn’t help smiling.

One time, as I watched the man gently hold onto the woman’s arm and help her up the curb, I got tears in my eyes.

They seemed so tender with each other.

As I’d drive past them, I’d wonder about their lives–about how long they’d been together and if they had kids or not.

I haven’t seen them in a while, though.

And while I’ll probably never know the details of their life or where they are now, there’s one thing I do know…

This couple loved each other.

I could see it in something as simple as the way they walked together.

And I want my love for my husband to show like that. I want my just being with him to say how much he means to me.

I think about my own parents, who are going on 40 years of marriage this year, and all the beautiful ways they’ve shown love for each other. Not through gifts or vacations or things like that. Through little things, like holding hands. And opening the door for each other. And making time for one another.

Sometimes, in the hectic pace of life, it’s the little things that are the hardest to remember. But it’s also the little things–a smile, a kiss, a note that says I love you–that can have the biggest impact.

And when I think about that couple I used to see, I’m reminded of a love that focuses on these things.

A love that’s considerate and kind.

A love that holds hands and helps.

A love that takes time for walks.

A love that shows.

Just by being together.