Exciting updates, conquering fear, and unveiling the new look!


Pam, Kirsten and I have been working on some new things behind the scenes and I’m thrilled to share a quick update and show you our new look! LIFT has continued to gain momentum and we couldn’t be more excited. Pop over to our LIFT site to check out all that’s going on and read more.

Also, after our #LiftBoise event, we had a lot of interest in a workshop on conquering fear. I love how Jennifer Dukes Lee reminds us:

“The greatest risk in this life is never taking the risk… never taking the next step.”

This is what we’ll be talking about in our workshop–what holds you back from taking that next step. We all face fears; it’s part of being human. But it’s our hope that this workshop will help you walk with fear in a new way and move forward in freedom to live in possibility and opportunity, not hesitation and holding back! Check out more details about the workshop here.

As I shared in my schedule update, I won’t be writing here frequently, but I’ll be sure to pop back in to keep you posted on all the new happenings! Take care!