Inspiring Stories of Adoption: Twice the Joy

I’m excited to have been able to write a feature story about adoption for this month’s Sacramento Parent Magazine (I come from a family of five kids and my youngest brother was adopted).

I’m doubly excited that my sweet friend Nancy and her family is one of the families I got to write about in the article. Nancy’s story of being adopted and then adopting is truly inspiring; you don’t want to miss it (or any of the other stories of adoption). This was one of those writing assignments I felt truly lucky to be on.

If you’re local to the Sacramento area, be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine (it’s on stands now), or you can read the full article over at the Sacramento Parent Magazine website.

Before you go, if you have an adoption story, leave a comment and share. You never know how your own journey or experience can inspire or help someone else.


  1. Adoption stories are the things our family discusses all the time. My sister-in-law is an advocate for Children with Down Syndrom in Eastern European orphanages. There are so many amazing families saving these orphans, you have to check it out….

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