Embracing the Chaos: Finding Mommy-Bliss

Being a happy mom isn’t about sailing through motherhood. It’s not about having it all together or having the best kids. Being a mom can be chaotic, stressful, and complicated. There are temper tantrums and sibling squabbles. There is self-doubt and frustration, fear and uncertainty.

But there is also laughter and love… and, yes, even bliss.

Click over to Sacramento Parent Magazine and read my article Finding Mommy-Bliss (or if you’re local, pick up a copy around town!) for ways to find the blissful moments (even when they’re hiding under mountains of laundry).


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  1. No one ever said motherhood was a graceful dance! There are certain kinds of chaos I am awesome living; and there are other types of chaos I fail abysmally with – and it is with those that I find myself in a heap of tears. And, you are right – it is o.k. to cry.And just as important to have an awesome support system. Love how your article covered all of that!

  2. Oh my gosh! Right now I am in the middle of the mommy chaos. Thanks for the inspiration. I needed it! :)

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