My most treasured memory

sunset at ko olina

As we walk back from dinner along the path near the beach, the island breeze rustles the palm leaves above us.

Side by side, we meander along,

talking, laughing,

looking out over the mirrored ocean.

After a few minutes, I feel my son’s hand slip into mine.

I look over and see that he’s holding onto Mike’s hand too.

My daughter is walking next to me on the other side. I reach for her hand and squeeze it.

She squeezes back,

and doesn’t let go.

Suddenly, I’m aware of every word between us,

every laugh,

every step.

I almost hold my breath, sure that if make a sound or say something,

both my kids will

let go.

It seems like my son–9 years old–outgrew holding hands ages ago.

And even though my daughter–11–still holds mine, she doesn’t do it as often as she used to.

Yet here we are

the four of us,

holding hands together,




I want to somehow video tape the moment, or take a picture.

I want to capture this slice of time and bottle it up,

because I’m not sure when we’ll hold hands like this again.


I keep walking,


relishing what I know will be my most treasured memory from our vacation.

And as we near our hotel,

I look up into the sky,

fighting tears,

and I thank God for these two precious kids

and for Mike,

and for the family that we are.

family walk together


  1. These are certainly the moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life. My son, now 21 still has such a tender heart. When he was home during a college break he came into my room where I was reading jumped up on the bed…along with our goofy dog and we chatted for a long time just about life, his love for the Lord and all of his dreams of becoming a man that truly seeks the heart of God.We may not have a camera to capture such a moment in our lives but God has a way of keeping it safely tucked away in our memories and gives it back to us when we need it most.Smiles,Miranda

  2. That was a beautiful post. It's so great that you didn't let that moment slip by without realizing how very important it was. It's those times that sometimes get past us without realizing it and we miss the significance. So glad you treasured the moment. God has certainly blessed you with an amazing family.Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  3. Oh what a beautiful post. It is moments like that, those perfect happy moments that you really do want to bottle up and be able to return to, because in that same moment of complete happiness you are thinking that all too soon these days and these moments will be gone, as will your children, out into the world.

  4. What beautiful moments spent with your children. Praying God gives you more moments like these

  5. Precious! Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! I'm now your newest follower! Can't wait to read more! =)Ember

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