Signs of fall…

It’s finally cooling off where I’m at in California and I’m loving it!

I have such fall-fever.

I found a great price on pumpkins (at Walmart) the other day and bought a bunch to put around the yard in little groupings…

Mike came home, laughed, and said, “Do we really need a pumpkin patch in the yard?”

To which I replied…

Yes. :)

I love this time of year and all the decorations that go with it…

(The kids are so happy that we got a new scarecrow… Greg was just too beat up from the rains last year!)

And possibly my two favorite decorations…

(a tiny little Harvest pillow I found at Michaels and hung on a candle)
(and another one of my daughter’s homemade miniature houses — this time a Boo one.)

What about you? Have you decorated for fall? :)

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  1. Fall? Yes, love it, love it! We too have a mini pumpkin patch. Ok, so not really, but we have four pumpkins and two of them are white. How fun!

  2. Neat post. I love fall. Decorating yet? Nope. But I'm sure we will soon. And I'll keep my eyes open. Last year I didn't recognize one of the fall decorations for a couple of weeks. I won't let that happen this year :)

  3. It's the most wonderful time of the year…for me, anyway! I adore your decorations, especially the sparkly pumpkin! I was expecting it to be cooler faster here in Colorado, but we've had unusually warm weather :-( Glad you're finally experiencing some Autumn weather in California! Miki

  4. Such pretty fall decor! I put mine out about a week ago. Maybe I should take some photos and join my many blog friends who have posted theirs.Peace and blessings to your day.Jeanine

  5. Yes, you definitely need a pumpkin patch in the front yard!Thank goodness it has cooled. We actually did some baking and I am in full swing of decorating! It finally feels like fall…until Sunday when it is suppose to warm up again!

  6. Genny, I love your fall decor…so pretty. :)I've decorated my home for fall, I blogged last week (I think, lol) about it. I wish it would actually get crispy cold here for fall, but we are having some nice cool evenings and mornings right now, so I'm pretty giddy about it! :)Blessings!

  7. I am so thankful for cooler weather. Been way too hot here. I love all of your decorations!

  8. Oh yes, I put the decorations out last week and got a few new things at Hobby Lobby! I LOVE Fall decorations. I think more that Christmas ones!And your little pillow and daughter's house are precious. :)

  9. I need to get on the ball. My decorations are in the basement at the moment. Maybe I'll convince hubby to get them for me this weekend.

  10. I love fall too, my favorite time of year with all the fall color, the cooling off in the weather and that soft glow of sunshine you only get this time of year. I love your decorations, especially the little house your daughter made, it is lovely.

  11. I love Fall too! Your decorations look great! We finished our Halloween decorating yesterday. We switch that out with a Fall decor a few days after Halloween!

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