It’s a feel good Friday

Just a few “feel-goods” for you to end the week…

Have you seen Jessica’s Daily Affirmation? If not, take a minute to watch this 50 second video. I guarantee it will have you smiling… it is too cute!

(Hat tip to Stephanie for the link.)

This next 2 1/2 minute clip about an elephant and a dog is so sweet that it will have you saying, “Awww,” whether you love animals or not. You might even get teary-eyed like I did… it’s such a neat story. (Thanks to my friend Shannon for posting in on FB!)

And, last, here’s a little something to get you moving for the weekend! (Great song from Beckah Shae’s new album Life, coming out June 15th.) Love the beat, her faith, and how she says, “Life is whatever I receive it to be.”

Now go get your love glasses on, say a few daily affirmations, and have a great weekend! lol

I’ll see you back here for Mom-Monday!


  1. LOVE IT! I saw the little 'affirmation' girl the other day and was laughing out loud. She is adorable. If we would all just tell ourselves some good things once in awhile life would be so much better and LOVE the ele/dog story !!

  2. Great videos! Are you all done with the Talkin' Thursday? Just curious…Blessings,Camie

  3. Just what I needed this Friday! Thanks!P.S. I'm not a dog lover, but I love elephants! That was something else!

  4. The elephant and dog story put tears in my eyes. Simply amazing!Hope you have a wonderful weekend in store for you. Parker has been away on a THREE DAY fifth grade field trip this week and he will be home today at 4 PM! Can't wait to have him home…he's never been gone that long before!Thanks for the make-you-smile videos today!Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  5. That was the most beautiful expression between the elephant and dog…took my breath away, and I'm not a dog lover. Imagine the trust between them! Wow, thanks for sharing. Great combo of video…Jessica is adorable with her affirmations, and I loved Beckah's song! They go together well to end the week with a statement :)

  6. I love the feel good Friday!! I went to YouTube and sent the elephant story to an old friend hoping that her and I could once again have the friendship and trust like Bella and Tara…

  7. Happy Friday, everyone! Camie, I put Talkin' Thursdays on hold for a bit, due to my schedule (sorry you missed the update on that). Hope to resume in the future at some point. :)

  8. I think about "Jessica's Daily Affirmation" every day now – and smile. I think I might have to start doing that same thing in front of the mirror every morning. ;)

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