1. He curled up in there and actually slept like that for about an hour. It was too funny. :)

  2. I am NOT good at puzzles. 1000 piece puzzles make me breathe funny. If I could, that's what I'd do with a puzzle box too. :)

  3. Now, you surely know it is TOO hard if it is wearing out the kitty : ). I only do 100 piece puzzles myself! I am trying not to get TOO smart : ) Or not!

  4. Haha! We tried to put together a 5000 piece puzzle at Christmas. Yes. 5000. Crazy. We got the frame done…. ;)

  5. I LOVE doing puzzles, but don't get much of a chance with a toddler around. What a cute cat picture, it's so funny where they'll sleep. Mine used to like the bathroom sink.I'm newly following your blog from MBC, and looking forward to some more of your posts.

  6. Jo

    I adore cats – I have a brand new kitten (Ruby- photos on my blog) and she is currently asleep on my lap. Great photo:)Also love doing jigsaws – find them very relaxing.

  7. Following you back:) Thanks for stopping by so I could.We like to work puzzles in the winter. Although it's never wore me out like this kitty.

  8. Great job and the cat will help?,LOL Well anyway I loved putting puzzles together, when my Mom was in the Hospital I had my fill. I should pick it up again.Your link to My WW.

  9. I actually liked cats for a second after seeing this cuteness! :)Blessings-Amanda

  10. Ugh… I have NO patience for puzzles!! I like the cat's idea better! Happy WW!

  11. I've seen a lot of cats today…first one in a puzzle box:-) That IS the life, isn't it?

  12. Awww!! How sweet. Our cats usually want to be wherever we are and do wahtever we are doing too. :)

  13. We really enjoy doing family puzzles too. However, we don't have a cat and seeing how much work the cat must put into the puzzle (or else why so tired?) makes me wonder if we should get one :)

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog and became a follower!!I also a new follower of your blog.Have a nice day.

  15. My cat used to curl up in the funnies places. It's surprising how they can get comfortable!

  16. Cats are the reason we don't do puzzles at my house. I watched too many of them get cremated by curious paws when my mom worked them years ago.

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