We’ve all heard the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And I’m here to tell you that it does.

When my husband was in India for ten days recently, I missed him more than I can put into words.

Especially because of the whole arm and leg thing.

But he’s back.

And I’m happy.

And I realized some of you don’t even know him yet–this awesome guy I’m married to.

So let me introduce you…

Mike, these are some really great people.

And really great people, this is Mike…

mike and genny heikka

(That’s a picture of us at a restaurant on Mother’s Day. Pre-cast. Pre-wheel chair. Pre-electric scooter.)

mike and genny heikka at sf aquarium
(And that’s a picture of us when we went to San Francisco a couple of months ago.)

We’ve been married fourteen years, but we’ve been together for twenty three.

High school sweethearts.

Soul mates.

Best friends.

So there you go.

Now you know who I’m talking about when I say my husband, or Mike, or the best dad in the whole world. :)

Talk soon,

28 Comments on Introducing Mike

  1. Great pictures, and Mike, nice to meet you! Hope you are doing better and milk the electric scooter in Target thing! My kids have always wanted to drive it.

  2. So sweet!! Very nice to meet you and congrats on all your years together!! Hmmm, let me think – my hubby and I have been married over 16 years and together for about 20 I guess. And funny, my hubby has been to India twice – for business.Now I think you need a pic with both of you in electric scooters! :)

  3. Love the pictures you posted. And I love hearing about couples that have been together so long and still feel that way about one another. I feel that way about my husband too. Together 10 years, married almost 5! So, no where near you guys, but hopefully on the same path:)

  4. thanks for popping by my blog…oh my, sounds like you've had quite a bit going on with casts and then crutches and wheelchairs…and i love your idea for mondays…i will most definitely be popping back by! :)

  5. what a sweet way to be introduced to your husband! thank you for that! tell him i said HI (like he cares!)! it's nice to see the pics of the two of you together and put a face with the stories!

  6. Aww..it's nice to meet your "Mike." Next week is Hubs' and my 15th anniversary, and we've been together nearly 20 years (we met in college though). I didn't realize all that stuff happened while he was away! I can imagine how glad you are to have him back!Maybe we'll all get the chance to meet up one of these days.

  7. So glad he's home and love these pics! Still shaking my head over the whole appendage debacle–hope you are all healed up very soon!Blessings!

  8. Is it possible you don't age?? How is it every time I see a picture of you, you look yonger????And BTW, your hubby is oozing cute!God bless-Amanda

  9. Nice to "meet" you, Mike! Your wife is fabulous – such a talented writer and warm-hearted person (and did I mention she's beautiful?). But you already know all that…P.S. My husband and I are high school sweethearts too. We've been married for 7.5 years; together for 12. :)

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