Sharks and Squirmles and Other Miscellaneous Items

Between a short trip to San Francisco and working to meet a deadline for a magazine this week, I haven’t had much “other” writing time. Which gives me a good excuse to put up some pictures from our trip:

We covered so much ground on our day to SF that it was almost like the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Except for us, it was trains, ferry boats, and buses. And thankfully, unlike the movie, all of our travels went smoothly.
We started out on the train.
seat on train in sunshine
Okay. I have to stop right here and ask, for all you writers out there, is this not the perfect writing spot? And there were actually a lot of people with their laptops and coffees, sitting in the morning sun, working.
I, on the other hand, was relaxing with my mother-in-law and the kids, and I was thankful for her idea to take this mini-vacation. We had a blast.
Although I didn’t do any writing, I did go to the Café car to get a coffee, where I witnessed a beautiful encounter between best friends that left me standing in line blinking back tears. (That’s a whole other story I’ll write about soon.)
After the train, we boarded a ferry. And the view of the Bay was breathtaking.
view of bay bridge in san francisco
We docked at Pier 39, saw the sea lions…

sea lions in sf
then went to the Aquarium of the Bay, where we had an incredible “behind the scenes” tour. And where we got closer to sharks than I discovered I’m comfortable with (we got to walk a catwalk above the shark tank).

sharks at aquarium in sf
The day was gorgeous…

skyline in sf
and filled with fun memories and interesting souvenirs…

Don’t ask. They’re called Squirmles. My daughter had to have it.

But, sharks and Squirmles aside, it was one of the best days we’ve had all summer.
Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. Amy

    I’m looking forward to your story about best friends that left you blinking tears away!! And yes that is a beautiful writing spot. How cool to travel by train. The sea lions are precious. Wonderful trip.

  2. Aren’t those days just the best? We had the same kind of day last Friday. We didn’t have a lot of time so our big sight-seeing expedition was riding the cable cars from the beginning of the line at Fisherman’s Wharf to the end at Union Square and back again. We had many God-ordained blessings along the way that will make it memorable for all of us.(Which train did you take? My train obsessed 5 year old would LOVE that!)

  3. That looks like a wonderful trip. I love SF! I will be looking forward to your friends on the train story. I always love your writing.

  4. I had a squirmie as a kid – I loved it! How fun, I had no idea they were still around.SF is a favorite city of ours too. My husband has family there, so we make it out that way once in a great while. I wish it were closer.

  5. i haven’t seen a “squirmle” in years and never knew it had a name! looks like one of those trips to chalk down on the list of wonderful memories!

  6. Love SF. Wish I could get back there someday. Squirmles are very cute!

  7. So glad you had a great mini vacation. I remember Squirmles from when I was little. I think I had one or two in every color. Have a great weekend.

  8. Great pictures! A friend of mine went to San Fran on vacation and she brought back pictures of those sea lions. I just could not get over them!

  9. What a wonderful trip with pics too! I love those views. SF is such a wonderful city :) And yes, that spot on the train looks divine ;)

  10. I found your site because of my friend, Linda’s blog – “Gotta Grow with It”. I read through much of what I saw on the first page and love your writing – the hug from your seven year old particularly struck me as I have a nine year old boy who’s growing up way too fast, so I’m holding on to those hugs as long as I can. Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. I lived in San Francisco for seven years and went to graduate school there! I miss it so…Great pictures! What nice weather for the city!!I have to check out the Squirmles, that is exactly the kind of toy my seven year old likes!!

  12. Oh, I absolutely LOVE San Francisco. We went for our anniversary about 3 years ago and I just could have spent way more time there. I can’t wait to take my kids.Beautiful photos and can’t wait to hear your next story about the friends!

  13. i wish i could the chance to see these views in real life. will someday! :-) thanks for sharing such great photos…and yes, using a laptop in the sun’s glare is SO DIFFICULT…glad you could just enjoy the train ride relaxing instead. thanks for sharing.

  14. I love San Francisco – sounds good to go by train thanks for sharing

  15. Thanks for the blog comment, Genny. But I have to clarify – that despite co-writing an unpublished Christian romance novel with my sister 8 years ago – I’m not what I would consider a “writer”….. At the end of each year, I use “Blurb” online to convert my blog and pictures into a book for the family. Hence, my blog is very family-detail focused (and probably boring to the majority who stumble upon it). It’s huge to me, though, for the opportunity to preserve all of our precious memories…..

  16. That does sound like a terrific day, except for the bits with the sharks and the sea lions. Yikes to those parts.

  17. Love the San Fran snaps–isn’t it a beautiful place? Summer swim season ended with a potluck at the pool last nite, and I thought of you! BTW, it’s that time of week again–please drop on in for a little Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes. You have 2 chances to play!

  18. Oh, I'm sooooooooo jealous! Sounds like San Fran was might nice to ya, though! BTW, did you hear about our campaign to e-mail Oprah about Uncle Lynn & Pop'rs? The SITStas even got in on the act! Please drop by and see what's happening in Aunt Julie's neck o' the woods!

  19. Sounds like a blissful trip. That squirmle-thing was around when I was a kid. Does it have an invisible string that makes it move? Thanks for the flashback to childhood!

  20. Great pictures. Sounds like just what you needed. I have no idea why I said that, as I am not really even sure what you need. Uh… ok. Sorry bout that. ;)God bless-Amanda

  21. Looks like so much fun. I went to SF as a child and would love to go back with my kids and hubby.I am so excited to hear about the BF story.All the awards that you win you SO deserve!

  22. Oh, my Kiddo would have thought he had died and gone to heaven over the shark tank. He adores sharks! I can’t believe how pretty it was for your trip. I thought SF was always foggy! : )

  23. Hey, found you from I think monkey’s momma. Just wanted to say hello. I think I do remember you on Faithlifts. I guest posted on there one time.

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