Need A Lift, Anyone?

Setting and reaching goals can be challenging.

Whether you’re trying to achieve career success, lose weight, or become more organized, sometimes it can be hard to make things happen.

Believe me, there’ve been many times amidst the rejection letters that I’ve questioned my own writing goals.

But in these moments of doubt and frustration, the encouragement of others has often helped me to stay the course.

Encouragement like this sweet note my daughter gave me a couple of years ago…

sweet note to mom from child

And encouragement like the card I got from my mother-in-law, where she wrote, “We believe in you and know that someday your stories will be published.” I still keep it on my desk next to my computer.

Sometimes, no matter how strong our resolve is, or how hard we work at reaching our goal, the end result still seems far away. And the process of getting there hard.

But when others come alongside and give us that extra push–that extra support–we’re able to keep at it.

That card, or that phone call, or that reminder not to give up, can be just the thing that helps someone persevere.

And hang in there.

And maybe even realize their dream.

Because everyone needs a lift now and then.

And when we reach out and give a little encouragement, it can make all the difference in the world.


  1. That’s for sure. The life of an aspiring author can be pretty deflating at times. Those little lifts make all the difference – and so often those delivering the encouragement don’t even know how helpful they are.It’s nice that you tell them:)

  2. I think EVERYONE needs a lift now and then, whether the cashier at the grocery store, your friends and family, your co-workers… Speak words of kindness whenever possible.Thank you for the reminder!

  3. I love the note from your girl. I think it should be framed. A treasure.

  4. Um… I love that feeling…when someone believes in you. Thank goodness we can find that satisfaction and strength in Jesus…Great post!God bless-Amanda

  5. I think everyone needs a lift and I know it makes me feel good to get a lift and also to make others feel good. Great post.

  6. It’s amazing how someone can encourage you when you’re a child and it actually makes a difference in the adult that you become.

  7. That is so true! Someone close to me has been toiling along in an absence of encouragement and even when you know you’re doing what God has for you, it still takes a toll not to have some reassurances and encouragement that it’s not in vain.(And what a lot of books you have to write!) I hope my kids have some of that kind of artistic ability as they get older.Mary

  8. So true and well said. Encouragement can go along way. Not only for us as adults, but for our own children. It was something I surely lacked growing up. That note from your daughter is just precious :)

  9. How precious. And I love Cheri’s comments. I agree with your family. You will make it big someday.

  10. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Let me know how the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie works out!

  11. Speaking of encouragement- I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed your comments on my blog… I’m adding you to my google reader!

  12. This is so true. And I loved the little note from your daugther. Aren’t kids the best and putting things into perspective? Also thank you for the note of encouragement you left on my blog regarding public speaking. I will follow your advice! :)

  13. I totally agree! I think the encouragement is so meaningful from family members, too.

  14. I remember one day at Walmart the cashier absently asked me how I was doing, and I turned around and asked her how her day was. She was so shocked that someone would ask! But you could see how much that meant to her – she had a definite bounce to her step after that! Encouraging someone can be in the simplest forms – I think it’s so important to remember that! And I agree with tiffany – you should frame that note. Or scrapbook it!

  15. I think I would pass right out if my mother in law sent me an encouraging card – she’s a lovely woman, but that is not Her Way.

  16. Unsolicited encouragement and uplifting comments from others certainly go a long way. This is a great reminder to me to speak the kind words I so often think!

  17. So true! We all have goals and dreams. Sometimes they seem far off, and when someone makes a point to encourage and support you, it can give you a much needed emotional lift.

  18. Thanks for the reminder to encourage one another. I know I need it in order to press on toward the goal that He has set before me. I certainly would not have accomplished much without those who have cheered me on along the way!

  19. So true.I often need other peoples encouragement and “extra push” to reach my goals completely. I dont think that is always a good thing though. Because for a very long time, people have been disappointed and not at all supportive in the choices I have made in life and in the goals I want to complete. So that makes it hard for me to be who I want to be because Im at my best with support from the people close to me.

  20. I wanted to let you know that I just started the whiteboards that you posted about the other day. My little boys are so excited for their message tonight. Thank you for the tip!

  21. Hi Genny, This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I too am a writer. But it’s my friend’s blog I’d like to point you to: She is an incredibly creative person, and a writer whom, I’m sure, will inspire you to not give up. Many blessings,

  22. Thanks for the email of encouragement…you gave me some wind to keep me in flight :)susan

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