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Where the bliss hides (and a giveaway that will help you find it)

By Genny


It’s in the feel of your baby’s sleepy head on your shoulder as you carry her through the grocery store pushing the cart with one hand. It’s in the quiet singing of your preschooler as he sits in the corner during his timeout. And it’s the smile of your eighteen-year old as he walks across the stage to get […]  Continue reading

In other words: Just sit tight, hold on, and enjoy the ride!

By Genny


Today for Mom-Monday, I’m sharing an excerpt from Finding Mommy Bliss, along with a couple of notes I’ve gotten from moms who are reading the book…   From Chapter 4 of Finding Mommy Bliss:  Don’t Rush the Journey (or, Just sit tight, hold on, and enjoy the ride!) Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is […]  Continue reading

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