Remember the great little country coffee shop I told you about?

We took Bailey there a couple weeks ago and she liked it as much as we do.

Although, instead of walking along the beautiful winding path, she wanted to ride. :)

dog in stroller flower farm loomis ca

(Just kidding… I passed the strollers when we were there and had to put her in one for a picture. Can you tell I’m becomming a sucker for this little dog? lol)

33 Comments on A dog, a stroller, and a coffee shop

  1. Your doggie is too cute for words! I came by from MBC, and I'm so glad I did. I love your blog, and that you're able to deal with cute topics with humor and more serious topics with grace. I am your newest follower, returning the favor since I see you're MY newest follower! : )

  2. Doggies do that do you. I just got mine a few weeks ago and I'm just steps away from little outfits already. I think I need an intervention.Happy WW!

  3. love, Love, LOVE it! What a cute little puppy. Our neighbor girl (age 7) puts her little dog in her electric Barbie jeep and drives her to the park next to our house…but of course after the little dog has been seat-belted in!

  4. She looks right at home in that stroller. They actually do make those for pets…I have a cat that will take walks with us, not in a stroller though.

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