Life is like a Pair of Mismatched Shoes



The other day, as I walked across the parking lot to the gym, I realized my feet felt strange. I looked down and was surprised to see that, in my rush to get out the door, I had put on two different shoes.

One old and one new.

How I didn’t notice that until that point, I’m not sure.

I guess they do look similar…
pink athletic shoe







orange athletic shoe






There I stood, staring at my feet, laughing.

And I had a choice to make.

I could proceed to the gym, feeling (and looking) a little funny, and still get my workout. Or I could go home.

I shrugged and went in.

Right. Left. Right… My feet felt even more strange on the stair master.

And as I worked out, I thought about the fact that, really, my mismatched shoes were similar to how life is sometimes.

Because sometimes, things are not always balanced.

Life is not always neat and orderly.

We may have unmet expectations. Or get answers we don’t want to hear.

And when that’s the case, we have a choice to make.

We can move ahead, trying to make the best of the situation. Or we can let it cause us to turn back. And even though moving forward can be hard, chances are, it will make us stronger.

I’m glad I exercised that day, in spite of my shoes. Because I ended up having a great workout.

And, as someone who is big on matching (and planning and organizing…), I think I needed the reminder that life can be very mismatched sometimes.

In fact, I’m sure I needed the reminder.

I must not have gotten the message the last time that I left the house with two different shoes on (I’m not kidding)…

Years ago, before we had kids, I hurried out one morning to get to work early, only to notice when I got there that I had one navy blue high heel on, and one black one. I went the whole day, running from meeting to meeting, with two different color shoes.

And now I’m looking back at that and cracking up. Because I’ve done it again.

Which reminds me all the more that life is about being flexible and making the most of any situation.

And about slowing down and paying attention.

Especially when I put my shoes on. :)