Keep On Dreaming


We all know that having a dream–having something we’re passionate about–is important. But how many of us, once we reach adulthood, lose sight of the thing that once stirred our hearts? Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we should stop wondering about the possibilities in life.

Or about the possibilities in ourselves.

It doesn’t mean we should get stuck in a rut and put limits around everything we once hoped for.

Like the teacher in the kids’ movie The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, who tells his student Max to stop dreaming.

“Dreaming keeps you from seeing what’s right here in front of you,” he says.

Sometimes we need to look past what’s in front of us so we can see where we’re supposed to be going.

My son helps me to remember this. He’s a dreamer, and his ideas and questions show what an imaginative view of the world he has.

Just a few days ago, when he lost a tooth, he wrote this note to the tooth fairy…

“dear tooth fary,
can you pleas give me super powrs, fors shealds, and flying powrs? and rembr, you don’t have to, but pleas do!!!!!!!”

From my son’s young perspective, why bother getting money for a tooth when you can ask for force shields and super powers?

When I first read his note, I tried to prepare him that the tooth fairy might not be able to grant him powers. I didn’t want him to be disappointed when he woke up in the morning.

“But Mom. She might,” he said. “So I’m gonna ask her.”

Good for him.

I love his “why not” perspective and the way he sees possibility. Like how he plans on inventing a backpack that can make people fly. Isn’t that how cars and spaceships came about? First, someone had a dream that it was possible?

We’ve all heard that at the end of life, the only things we’ll regret are the things we didn’t do.

The time we didn’t spend.

The risks we didn’t take.

And the dreams we didn’t pursue.

We won’t be glad we played it safe. Or held back. Or feared.

I know that if I didn’t decide to pursue my dream of writing books, I’d regret it right now. And even though the journey has been a lot harder than I thought, I’m so glad I’m on it.

I love the band Switchfoot and their song, This is Your Life. The chorus, and the way that it asks, “This is your life. Are you who you want to be?” always makes me stop and think about the way I’m living. It makes me examine the dreams I have more closely.

If you are who you always wanted to be, congratulations. What an awesome feeling.

But if you’re not, why not spend some time reevaluating? Why not try to recapture your dream, or figure out what it might be? Whether you want to write a book, or change careers, or travel to a different country, pursue it. Even if it seems out of reach.

Even if it seems like it’s too late.

Because it’s never too late.

And because, as cliché as it sounds, we only live once.

So let’s keep on dreaming… :)