Get more clarity, find more meaning and passion in your career and achieve greater success and results.

I specialize in working with women – helping you realize your full potential, believe in yourself, increase your confidence, get unstuck and have a greater positive impact in your career and life.

As a coach certified in EQi and EQi-360 (Emotional Intelligence), with years of experience in marketing, branding and communications, I help women:

  • understand and be able to clearly communicate their unique value and raise visibility to accomplishments, whether working remotely or in-person
  • step into leadership for the first time, or excel as leaders
  • discover and apply their passions and strengths to their career path
  • identify vision, goals and actions for success
  • develop and nurture mentor and sponsor relationships
  • overcome fears and obstacles
  • develop their networking muscle
  • communicate and show up with more confidence
  • navigate career changes

You don’t have to go it alone. Having a kind and compassionate expert come alongside you to give you tools and guide you can be a game-changer… in your life, and your career.

Coaching helps you go farther, faster; I’d love to support you in your journey and help you thrive and succeed.


People are everything.  And in today’s complex world with new kinds of stress, there’s an increased need for connection in a remote environment, a desire for more of a sense of purpose in work and being able to connect your personal brand to your employer brand, and an emphasis on overall wellness and development to succeed. There’s also a pressing need for more women in upper management positions. I offer group coaching and training (online and in person, custom and off-the-shelf) in the areas of:

  • How to communicate (and show up) with more clarity and confidence.
  • How to build and nurture mentor and sponsor relationships, whether remote or in-person (and whey they are critical to your success).
  • Emotional Intelligence and you – the most important skill you’ll ever hone.
  • The power of your personal brand – the what, why and how to successfully connect who you are to what you do for greater impact.
  • Shine with strengths and build a strengths culture.
  • How to create your vision and set goals and actions to achieve it. 
  • How to successfully navigate change and roadblocks.
  • The what, how and why of successful networking in today’s new world. 
  • And a variety of women’s leadership topics…

These offerings not only support diversity and inclusion initiatives by helping to equip women for leadership, they also support employee engagement and wellness initiatives by tapping into the heart of your employees and helping them value and maximize who they are for the greatest positive impact.

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Genny is a vetted member of the ICF High Country Chapter.