7 Quick Takes Friday


Happy Friday, everyone! I’m over at MothersClick today with a previous post about creating quality time with my daughter. I’m also at WomensLifeLink with an interview. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!


It’s summer and it’s hot. If you like ice cream, this is the perfect time for it. One of my blogging friends, Kristen at We Are THAT Family, is having a giveaway you’ll want to check out. Stop by her blog, enter, and hopefully cool off! Kristen is also starting her own newsletter, which I’m sure will be filled with the same wisdom and humor that her blog posts are. If you’re interested in subscribing (I just did), click here. You’ll love her perspective and her writing.


I don’ t know about you, but I love decorating. There’s something about new pillows, new curtains, or a vase of fresh flowers on the table that just-feels-good. If you’re the same way, stop by Carrie’s blog, Buzzings of a Queen Bee. She’s one of those creative people that somehow finds time for some amazing projects, like the new curtains she sewed this week (that I absolutely love).


For those of you who have blogs, there’s a new, “make your blog better” resource out there. Brent Riggs (MckLinky creator) has started a blog where he’ll be posting about all things bloggy. Head on over there and subscribe. He has a wealth of professional and technical knowledge. Stop by his family blog too and send prayers for his daughter Abby, who is battling leukemia.


Another great resource, this time for writers, is Jessica’s blog, BookingIt. Jessica posts about great writing-related topics, such as point of view and creating likeable characters. And she always poses interesting questions. Click on over there and have a read.


Since I’ve been in mommy crack-down mode lately, I’ve been trying to remember, along with discipline, to give my kids plenty of praise. I saw this quote and thought I’d share: “Give praise when they least expect it…not just when they are asking for it.” –Anonymous Good to keep in mind. :)


Last, a last call: My giveaway closes this Sunday at 6pm (Pacific). Click here to leave a comment and enter. I’ll be announcing the three winners on Mom-Monday. Hope to see you then!

For more Seven Quick Takes, stop by Jennifer’s Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Some fun links I'll have to check out! I am definitely in the mood for ice cream, though I was just going to start my fitness routine tomorrow… :)

  2. Ah … hot it definitely a matter of perspective [or geography]. Putting on another jumper but the icecream still sounds enticing …

  3. Wow, thank you for your nice comments! :-) That was so sweet of you.I'm looking forward to checking out your other links too. Also, I'm trying to be more calm when I discipline my kids, you know, quiet voice and all, so I love that you mentioned praise. Very important and a good reminder for me. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the shout-out Genny! It is so nice of you to mention me…and my amateur (but imperfectly beautiful!) curtains! :) And YUM…ice cream!Carrie

  5. I love your Friday posts! I will definitely check out your blog recommendations. Thanks for being a good web friend. Dr. Hawkins-Fox, the one who wrote the article on the immune system, is a sensational person and doctor. She has so much information to share. I'm so blessed to have her on board at Women's Life Link. Drop her a line on her site (there's a link at the bottom of the article)and thank her. She would love to hear that her article helped someone.Oh, and thanks for the mention…again. You're a sweetie!

  6. Thanks for visiting The Tree, and for the great links in your own "Quick Takes".Have a great weekend!

  7. Jen

    Hi Genny! I wanted to thank you for encouraging my daughter when you posted on her hiking story. I was not aware that anyone could access her blog, but am glad you were able to. I think I will move hers off my account and onto her own, and will give you the new link.

  8. Just catching up on some of your posts – especially loved the "Having one of those "mom" days" post – very well written – oh have I been there!Hope you are "healing" up and the second half of this summer gets a lot easier!

  9. Happy Sunday! I am making way through all of the comments I received when I was featured on SITS. It really is a great SITSahood. Thank you so much for visiting me and have a blessed day!

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