Published Books:

Coming Soon:
A Trip to the Supermarket, Unibooks, Korea, 2011.
Find the Sea Animals, Unibooks,Korea, 2011.
Guess What It Is, Unibooks, Korea, 2011.
Brush My Teeth, Unibooks, Korea, 2011.

A Man Named Ted,” published in a book of collective work titled Kirtsy Takes a Bow: A Celebration of Women’s Favorites Online, Bright Sky Press, 2009:
Books in Progress:

Middle-grade novel, Give and Take – a story about loss and gain and finding happiness in the middle of both. This manuscript won Honorable Mention in the SCBWI Sue Alexander Awards. I am currently seeking representation for this work.

Young adult novel, Journal of a Skinny Girl – a story about one girl’s struggle with an eating disorder and the power of secrets.

Non-fiction parenting book – Laugh a Little, Cry a Little, Love a Lot – Three Surprisingly Simple Steps to Mommy-Bliss.


Middle grade novel, Give and Take, Honorable Mention in the 2009 SCBWI Sue Alexander Awards, Honorable Mention in the California Focus on Writers Contest, and Honorable Mention in the WIN Contest.

Picture book, Feathers and Fur, Sticky-Stuck, Greasy Grimy, 1st Place, California Focus on Writers Contest.

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