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Do you have the Courage to Be You?

By Genny

Do you have the courage to be you? That is the question my friend Jenny Williamson asks readers in her new book, and it’s a question that changed her life and set her on a journey of discovering her, “water-walking, giant-slaying, history-making destiny.” I’m so excited to share Jenny’s book with you today. If you’ve been around […]  Continue reading

I’m over at The Mom Initiative today talking about ways to stop sibling squabbles!

By Genny


Any mom with two or more kids has seen sibling squabbles… from the toy snatching of toddlers to the bickering of older kids. And even though these interactions between sisters and brothers are inevitable, they can sometimes be hard to deal with. Join me over at TheMomInitiative today, where I share six things you can […]  Continue reading

Don’t miss new books and giveaway (over $400)!

By Genny

I’m so excited to have my friend Lori Wildenberg sharing with you today! She’s an amazing author, speaker, mom and licensed family educator. She’s also a fun, funny, super smart woman – the type of person you admire within a few minutes of meeting. She and her coauthor Becky Danielson are launching their two books Raising Little […]  Continue reading

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