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I’m joining this team of amazing writers (and I couldn’t be more excited)

By Genny


You may remember Holley Gerth’s God-Sized Dream Team and how excited I was to be part of it. (If you want, you can check out the team here, read my back story and what I wrote in my application, read a letter to you about how to find your dreams, or hear some thoughts on how you can pursue your dreams every […]  Continue reading

What to do on the hard days

By Genny

Me and Michelle.

My daughter Katie and I, and a few of her friends and their parents, sit outside on the restaurant patio and eat lunch. One of the moms asks me about the move and how I’m doing. I tell her we leave in less than a week, the movers come tomorrow, and things are chaotic as we […]  Continue reading

This friend…

By Genny

“This all has to stop,” my friend sobs on the other end of the phone. I listen and nod. “I know,” I tell her. “I know.” And as I grapple for words–any words that might give her comfort right now–my heart breaks for this sweet friend of mine. This friend who, just an hour before […]  Continue reading

So we’re moving to Idaho

By Genny


I never would’ve guessed that we’d be moving out of California this summer. We’ve lived here all our lives, and Idaho has never even been on our radar screen. But a lot has happened this month. Mike’s job got transferred to Boise and it’s been a whirlwind few weeks with all kinds of emotions–worry about […]  Continue reading

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