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Even in the rain…

By Genny


“Are you okay to go if it rains?” My friend’s text pops up on my phone just before we’re supposed to go walking together. I look outside. Dark clouds hover where it was clear just minutes before. “Sure!” I text back. Even though I don’t hesitate when I answer, I have to admit, if I wasn’t […]  Continue reading

When women are brave…

By Genny


We sat there, laughing and nodding as we shared our stories and experiences around the long table. The warmth of the restaurant and evening lights matched the glow of the conversation taking place. We started out with generalities and small talk, but quickly, our voices turned to the significant and meaningful. Before dinner was even […]  Continue reading

Short video from my keynote – How to love, for real (and how it makes you more joyful!)

By Genny

I just got some short video clips of my talk at the Better Together M.O.M. conference, and I’m excited to share this first one with you! (It’s about how letting your walls down, reaching out to others, and just being real can make YOU a more joyful person.) I hope you’re encouraged today! How to […]  Continue reading

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