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When you don’t feel good about your body: 5 things to remember

By Genny


In my work with moms and women, I’ve had countless conversations about how we often struggle with our self-image. We look in the mirror and instead of appreciating our unique qualities, the negative self-talk begins. As someone who has struggled too, I know how it is to battle these feelings, and even obsessions. But there […]  Continue reading

What to remember when you’re facing change (and why it’s a beautiful certainty)

By Genny


  A friend asked me recently how we did it – how we moved our two teenagers across states like that with one going into 8th grade and one going into 10th. How did we make it look so easy? she wondered. It wasn’t easy, I promised her. There were tears and unknowns and excruciating goodbyes. But […]  Continue reading

Do you have the Courage to Be You?

By Genny

Do you have the courage to be you? That is the question my friend Jenny Williamson asks readers in her new book, and it’s a question that changed her life and set her on a journey of discovering her, “water-walking, giant-slaying, history-making destiny.” I’m so excited to share Jenny’s book with you today. If you’ve been around […]  Continue reading

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