Our weekend in Napa…


Mike and I celebrated our 15th anniversary in Napa a few weekends ago. (We used to go there a lot before we had the kids, but hadn’t been in a while.) It was so much fun.

The grapevines were lush and green,

the countryside was gorgeous,

and we had a lot of fun visiting different wineries like the historic Frank Family Vineyards (the best one there, in our opinion, and the cutest too)…

We also went to race car driver Mario Andretti’s winery.

The architecture was beautiful,

and the people were really friendly. When we went inside and saw a photo of Mario Andretti standing next to a yellow Lamborghini, we told one of the staff how much our son would love seeing it (he loves cars, especially yellow ones). The man turned around, went in the back room, and came out with the exact same photo for us to take home. It was really nice.

The whole trip was full of fun surprises like that…  

It turned out that the Raiders football team was staying at the same hotel we were, so we got to see some of the players coming and going and we walked by Al Davis in the hallway one night (not that I’m a football fan or anything–because I’m not–but Mike thought it was fun).

For dinner, we were lucky enough to get reservations at Chef Morimoto’s (the Iron Chef) new restaurant in Napa:

The food was amazing, the atmosphere was modern and fun, and we had an incredible time.

The whole trip was great. We are already talking about when we can go again! :)

What about you? Have you ever been to Napa, California?

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