Five Things…


Welcome to Talkin’ About Thursdays!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about topics last week!

I chose the topic “Five Things About Yourself” for today because some of you said you’d be joining in for the first time, and I thought it’d be a fun way to learn about others and discover new blogs. 

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I’m looking forward to reading your Five Things!

Here are mine:

1. My real name is Genevieve, but I’ve gone by Genny ever since I was little. I still remember getting embarrassed in elementary school when my teachers took roll on the first day and tried to pronounce my full name. But sometimes I wish I would’ve stuck with Genevieve because, especially as I’ve gotten older, I love the name.

In my first year of college, I tried to make the switch, but every time someone would call me by my real name, I found myself saying, “You can just call me Gen or Genny.”

As much as I would’ve liked it to, the Genevieve thing just never stuck.

2. Some of the pets I had growing up were: dogs, cats, parakeets, rats, hamsters, a duck, peacocks, a rabbit, chickens, a rooster, two horses, turkeys, and fish. No wonder I’m a sucker for pets!

3. I had my first broken bone ever this year. And it wasn’t even from doing anything fun or exciting. I slipped and fell on our concrete, tore my knee, broke my arm, and ended up in a wheel chair for a little while.

It was actually embarrassing because everywhere I’d go, people would look at me and say, “Oh! You poor thing! Were you in an accident?” And then I’d have to tell them the truth.

But good did come out of the situation: it really made me appreciate little things in life like being able to wash my own hair, reach the top shelf of the refrigerator, and drive!

4. I love to write, whether it’s here at my blog, for magazines or websites, or when I’m working on my book manuscripts (I’m so excited because I recently got contracts for two toddler books I’ve written, to be published in 2010. More info at my writing website.)

Writing is a passion that I lost touch with many years ago, until someone said something that fueled me to pursue it again (I’ll post that story soon). I’m so thankful to be doing what I love.

5. Some other things I love: coffee, coffee, coffee (can you tell I’m writing this in a coffee shop?), chocolate (or actually any dessert), writing, reading, decorating the house for different seasons,

gardenias, exercise, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of lavender, sunsets in Maui, hiking in Tahoe, dates with Mike in San Francisco, green tea, organic products, any movie or book that makes me cry,

sushi, Mexican food, Italian food, getting up early in the morning, light colors like beige and yellow, candles, baths, reading with my kids at night,

and more coffee.  :)