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I chose the topic “Five Things About Yourself” for today because some of you said you’d be joining in for the first time, and I thought it’d be a fun way to learn about others and discover new blogs. 

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I’m looking forward to reading your Five Things!

Here are mine:

1. My real name is Genevieve, but I’ve gone by Genny ever since I was little. I still remember getting embarrassed in elementary school when my teachers took roll on the first day and tried to pronounce my full name. But sometimes I wish I would’ve stuck with Genevieve because, especially as I’ve gotten older, I love the name.

In my first year of college, I tried to make the switch, but every time someone would call me by my real name, I found myself saying, “You can just call me Gen or Genny.”

As much as I would’ve liked it to, the Genevieve thing just never stuck.

2. Some of the pets I had growing up were: dogs, cats, parakeets, rats, hamsters, a duck, peacocks, a rabbit, chickens, a rooster, two horses, turkeys, and fish. No wonder I’m a sucker for pets!

3. I had my first broken bone ever this year. And it wasn’t even from doing anything fun or exciting. I slipped and fell on our concrete, tore my knee, broke my arm, and ended up in a wheel chair for a little while.

It was actually embarrassing because everywhere I’d go, people would look at me and say, “Oh! You poor thing! Were you in an accident?” And then I’d have to tell them the truth.

But good did come out of the situation: it really made me appreciate little things in life like being able to wash my own hair, reach the top shelf of the refrigerator, and drive!

4. I love to write, whether it’s here at my blog, for magazines or websites, or when I’m working on my book manuscripts (I’m so excited because I recently got contracts for two toddler books I’ve written, to be published in 2010. More info at my writing website.)

Writing is a passion that I lost touch with many years ago, until someone said something that fueled me to pursue it again (I’ll post that story soon). I’m so thankful to be doing what I love.

5. Some other things I love: coffee, coffee, coffee (can you tell I’m writing this in a coffee shop?), chocolate (or actually any dessert), writing, reading, decorating the house for different seasons,

gardenias, exercise, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of lavender, sunsets in Maui, hiking in Tahoe, dates with Mike in San Francisco, green tea, organic products, any movie or book that makes me cry,

sushi, Mexican food, Italian food, getting up early in the morning, light colors like beige and yellow, candles, baths, reading with my kids at night,

and more coffee.  :)

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  1. Love getting to know you! As soon as you mentioned a coffee show… I had a moment of longing. I would love to sit and blog from a coffee shop! But, alas, three small kids dont think its as fun! :)Blessings-Amanda

  2. So glad you all joined in! Amanda, when my kids were younger, I used to do most of my writing at home when they were napping, so I know what you mean about that feeling of longing. I remember reading an interview with an author who said she wrote her book in a coffee shop and I thought that sounded sooo nice.Your writing moments in a coffee shop will be here before you know it, I bet. :)Genny :)

  3. Teachers had a hard time pronouncing Genevieve? It's not like it's a weird name. I would have considered it for daughter no. 2 but it's too similar to Jennifer.Chickens freak me out. OK, off to think of five random things about myself.

  4. Hi Genny,It's my first time here. I stopped by from my good friend Lisa's blog and decided to play along. It's nice to meet you.I can so relate to #5! When I redid my kitchen I wrote along the top of the cabinets." When coffee dreams it dreams of chocolate!" LOL.Blessings to you.Kim

  5. Genny – Thanks for doing this, what a neat idea. Five things about me:1. I too broke a bone for the first time in my life last year, on New Year's Day. It was nothing spectacular. I was bucked off my brother's horse and broke my upper right arm in two places. Thank the Lord I am left handed. There was alot I learned from that after having it in a sling for 6 weeks and in a brace for 10 weeks. Too much to write everything down but I agree with Genny, I was so thankful the day I was able to wash my own hair again and drive! 2. I am a mother of 3 boys(ages 5, 7 and 9) so alot of activity and testosterone in the house. So when it comes to females, it's just me and the dogs, Pepper and Tally. My husband and I just celebrated 11 yrs of marriage on Jan. 23rd as well. 3. I love to sing…most importantly to and for the Lord and struggle with not being able to commit myself more to become part of a praise team at church due to many other committments in my life right now. So, for now I sing in the choir and one day when the boys are a bit older look forward to singing even more.4. I am a Bath & Body Works girl! I love good smells – coffee, fresh cut grass, the smell of a outdoor fire on a cool night and a fresh cut Christmas tree. I'm so thankful for the ability so enjoy such aromas!5. I do not believe there is such a thing as too much chocolate. Dove milk chocolate in particular. I'm not a morning person and believe in coffee before conversation. :) Genny – we too had a dog named Lady growing up. Would love to see a pix of your Lady.Thanks again!Jenny

  6. Genevieve is a wonderful name. But sometimes old habits are hard to break.Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the bloggy world. I am going to check out your books. I love to hear and see the writing successes of others. :)

  7. I really like this idea of sharing topics on Thursdays. What a great way to get to know others! Thanks for doing this. I too love coffee. =) So sorry to hear about your broken bones! I haven't ever broken anything so far…(knock on wood) so your post lets me know it's never too late! LOLI look forward to next week

  8. I'm a little behind in catching up with blogs this week. I love your full name…it's beautiful…but I can see as a youngster why you would want to shorten it up. I used to dislike my name until I got older and now I love it.I played along with your Five Things About Me. Hope you stop by to visit.Jeanine

  9. I love gardenias too. We had a bush of those outside our house when I was a little girl…and I always loved breathing in the beautiful, heady scent when they were blossoming.Thanks for telling us a little more about yourself, Genevieve. Oops…I mean…Genny. :)stephanie@metropolitanmama.net

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