That’s what my daughter said the other day, calling me into the kitchen.

And when I went in there, this is what I found:

messy cupcake chocolate

She’d been baking again, squeezing brownies into cupcake molds using a plastic bag, and the bag popped.

As you can tell, that didn’t stop her. (Somehow, we always end up with a kitchen disaster.)

But that’s okay. The brownie “upcakes” (what she ended up naming her half-brownie/half cupcake creations) still turned out great.

beautiful cupcakes

Don’t you think? :)

45 Comments on Come take a picture of this, Mom

  1. That is impressive!! Whenever we have kitchen disasters like that (which is way more often than I should admit to) they never look so…finished in the end. Kudos to both of you!!!

  2. That is hilarious…looks like my kitchen! Her creations turned out beautiful though! Isn't making a mess half the fun. Thanks for stopping by my place. I am following now.Holly @ 504 Main

  3. They certainly do look lovely. :) She did a great job!This is my first time visiting your blog and I've really enjoyed reading and clicking around. You have a beautiful place!It's funny how you get a feel for kinship right away with some blogs. I feel that with what you are doing here and totally agree about the sense of community that we moms need.I think I'll really enjoy following along. :) Blessings

  4. You know…cookies were made accidentally and look how that turned out. I think she might have something there with her "upcakes." Very clever…and beautifully decorated.

  5. They are so pretty, but yet so yummy, she did a wonderful job even with all of the obstacle's against her. looks like another cook in the family!!!Yours in Health,Robin

  6. They are beautiful! You are really great to let her have so much freedom in the kitchen. She will probably grow up to be a world famous pastry chef and tell stories of how you let her make beautiful disasters in your kitchen!

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